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2022 Fashion Trends You Should Try

The last two years may not have been easy for fashion enthusiasts as the health crisis loomed all over the world. And it’s almost like most people got used to not caring about what to wear at all.

Still, there’s no stopping women from styling and glamming up, and now that it's 2022, the 2022 trends are here. With the latest round of fashion shows that are now finally getting back out there touring, we’ve got the latest deets on what trends could go big and well-loved for this year year. Even better, some of these were refined trends from 2021 so they will be familiar!

Outfit trends for 2022

So here are our top picks and predictions of fashion style trends that can go big this year 2022, mostly inspired/drawn from the latest runway shows.

Summer/beach outfits

a woman wearing her summer outfit

Various fashion houses like Chanel have flaunted beach outfits, which could be a good indication of a good summer feel. With the rollout of vaccines and restrictions loosening, people are now able to flock to beaches to relax. Ready your bathing suit, nylon tops, and skirts, or dig in to find your beachwear (read: solar/bright palettes) that may not have been used for the past couple of years. If you ask us, a yellow hue is one of the better choices.


Not only are crochets comfy and reliable, but they are also stylish and elegant. Whether you’re sporting them for a day event or as evening wear, they are absolutely gorgeous, especially when knitted with vibrant colors and visible patterns. It can be your outfit’s main theme, with overall crochets as in a nightgown, or to complement your plain white top, or as a classic cardigan. We’re definitely in love with this texture, and you would be, too! The good news is, you can even do DIY and experiment with so many patterns.

Oversized coats/blazers

a woman wearing an oversized coat

With a matching pantsuit or a surprise miniskirt, upsized coats and blazers will definitely be a trend to carry over from this year to the next. This is one of the pieces we‘d vouch for that are worth investing in. The good news is oversized blazers are pretty much affordable nowadays, all you need is some creativity, and voila, a good statement outfit. Like this gorgeous flannel that is the perfect layer for a simple dress underneath.

Mini Dresses

Spotted also in runways, including Prada and LV, are the rise of minis again. As it was previously a trend last year, this time they are rocking with more personality, as spotted by several fashion blogs. They may be simple but they can be an elegant choice for any spring day. Whether you choose to layer them with a supersized coat or not or complement them with a tall boot, they are sure to continue in popularity this year.


a woman wearing a striped hoodie

By 2022, stripes will belong to the roster of must-have patterns. From crochets to minis, they seem to captivate 2022 runway designers. Just like this cute knitted sweater, hitting stylish and cozy in one stone. But it can go beyond the classic horizontal ones we’re familiar with, and the directions are just limitless. How about a swirling stripe pattern, that which we definitely dig.

And the runner-ups...

There are some more trends that we bet might still go huge this year in addition to the items mentioned above. One is androgynous outfits, which can be a nice alternative to skirts and dresses. Mini-skirts, as also seen on recent runways from luxury fashion houses, also look good with oversized blazers. Monochromatic overall also has the potential to go fabulous, wherein you have to coordinate your chosen top with the rest of your outfit.


We are predicting that 2022 is all about comfort and style mashed together, creating personal statement wear. With these trends that we'll potentially see soon, we can start prepping our wardrobes as early as now and scour the shops to plan and invest in pieces to wear. Here’s to a glamorous 2022!

A bit of advice though, don’t panic and overstress yourself with catching up with all these trends. We sincerely hope you’re inspired by the items above. But remember that true glam is all about poise and creativity, and the style will definitely follow.

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