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5 Fall Fashion Trends for 2021 we can’t get enough of


Fall is approaching, and the summer season is on its way to kiss goodbye. So as we begin to move on from tank tops and short shorts, you may be reconsidering your wardrobe choices for this year’s fall. Worry not, we’ve got you covered on some of the fashion trends that are definitely going to trend this coming season.


2021 Fall fashion trends

Last year’s fall, we were mostly in quarantine and barely going out of our own homes. But this year is about freedom and expression, which are evident with these trendy fall choices that will emerge among casual and stylish personalities.


Hyped up oversized pants

A woman sitting on a rock wearing oversized denim jeans

Vogue has spotted some well-known celebs (including everyone’s fave, Rihanna) for sporting some baggy jeans. Well, we couldn’t agree more that this is going to trend this fall season, given the comfort and style provided by these loose-fitting pants. Partner them with a tight-fit top to complement, and go rock this season like no other. Sneakers or not, you can have it either way.


Sweet sweater vests

Knitted sweater vest and wool

Last year we saw the rise of sweater vests, thanks to being included in runway shows and then sported by some well-known personalities. And we think that’s gonna continue this 2021, especially fall. First, it can be worn on its own with only a bralette. Or you can pair it with other tops, giving you more choices. And when the temperature drops, knitted sweater vests can layer well with other fall outfits you pick—from plain dresses to flannel long-sleeved shirts. Aside from the vests’ wide range of compatibility, they’re also really comfortable and soft.


Richer colors that pop

A woman wearing a pink cardigan and pink skirt

Another best fall outfit trend that will go huge this coming season is throwing in saturated hues! That’s right, popping colors will definitely be making it into the streets with complementing and surprising colors. Sure, neutral palettes are cute and all, but being bold and making a statement will definitely be wild among fall fashion. Loud colors like vibrant red dresses or magenta-pinkish coats will be the head-turning wear come fall.


The blazer that means business

Business attire has also made it into the casual fall fashion scene, as squarish blazers will rise in popularity again this season. You can go for that managerial look with some sharp-padded shoulders and loose-fitting blazers. Moreover, they can be paired with a wide array of other fall outfits as there are a lot of patterns to experiment on! You can never go wrong whether you’re rocking your blazer with denim, or sporting a floral dress underneath.


Lovin’ the lavender

A woman wearing a lavender dress

Not all ladies are comfortable with experimenting with a variety of colors. That’s okay too as lavender’s got them covered! You may think of this color as a spring exclusive or a summer delight. But this year, lavender is also embracing fall. This season, purplish-themed outfits, such as this one, are going huge even amid the saturated color rage. This lovely color could even balance the rich and popping hues around. We think of a matching purple blouse and skirt, or a pure lavender dress. Or maybe a lilac-inspired top with white or neutral pants. And who doesn’t own a classy lavender purse to match?


It’s now our chance to rock this fall again with these trendy fall clothes, especially after last year’s fall when we were mostly stuck at home. Now is the time for freedom with this season’s wardrobe choices. And what better way to begin them than with these five favorite fall fashion styles that are sure to trend this year.

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