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How to Choose the Right Lipstick

We gotta admit, part of our fashion statement is our cosmetics preferences. And lipstick plays a huge part when we put on makeup. It’s one of the features that stands up the most, and there are a lot of options to choose from. And honestly, they can even be overwhelming. With a lot of shades and colors of lipsticks available, how does one even know what to put on?

Well, there are several considerations you must think about, such as your undertone or the outfit that you’re wearing. And that’s what we’re here for you today. We’ve whipped up this simple guide for you to best pick the right lipstick for your perfectly fabulous days.

Important lipstick considerations

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Based on your skin tones

Like with most makeup products, identifying your skin tones is also important when choosing the right color for your lipstick for day-to-day. We may have an idea of what our skin tone is, but it’s best to confirm it in a mirror under good lighting. Your jaw area can accurately tell you what your tone is, preferably in sunlight. We will fall in either light, medium, or dark tones.

Another way to tell your skin tone is how your skin reacts to weather. People with lighter skin tones generally experience a sunburn, while those with dark skin tones don’t. Most of the people that fall in the medium tones can either experience sunburn or tan. When you know your skin tone, you’d be much more confident with the colors that you choose.

For instance, those with fair skin stand out in lipsticks in light red or pinkish hues. On the other hand, purple-based hues elevate the glam of those with dark skin tones. Something in between, like cherry red or rose colors, are great color options for those with medium skin tones.

Understanding undertone

Choosing from various lipstick shades

Skin tone is the surface of your skin, while underneath that is the undertone. This could further help you decide on your signature lipstick style. Skin tone may vary depending on weather conditions, but undertones are permanent. Most fair-skinned have cool undertones, but it is not absolute. 

Just as with the skin tone, your undertone also falls into one of three categories: warm, neutral, and cool. There are several ways to identify your undertone: one of which is checking the color of your veins and what jewelry works best with you.

  • Warm undertone - You’ll know you belong in this category when you have green veins in your wrist, and your skin seems to appear golden, olive, or yellowish. If you slapped on a piece of gold jewelry, say a bracelet, it looks better. And warmer undertones tan easily.

So for those ladies with warm undertones, warmer shades of lipstick will look more gorgeous, such as reddish hues or orange-based colors. Richer colors are highly recommended.

  • Cool undertone - Look at your wrist and if you have bluish or somewhat purple veins, you fall in this category. Their skin may appear to have bluish or pink undertones. People with cooler undertones are more prone to sunburn. Using silver jewelry complements the skin better.

Women with cool undertones will stand out with cooler lipstick shades, like lavender and magenta. Deep plum or Fuschia pink are also mostly preferred. You should consider looking into lipsticks enriched with SPF to prevent sun damage.

  • Neutral - If you seem to burn or tan easily, and both gold and silver jewelry look good on you, then you must have a neutral undertone. Which gives you a wider range of options in most cosmetic products, including lipsticks! Don’t be afraid to experiment with what works best for you, or decide based on your current skin tone.

Nude, dark, or bright?

Choosing lipstick shades

Another consideration when choosing your lipstick is whether you want them to be bright, dark, or just look natural. And depending on the situation or mood, you could choose either of these intensities for some flattering lip shade.

  • Dark lipstick - If you really want to make a statement, you should definitely opt for darker lipsticks. Although bear in mind that they may take more effort to put in, but totally worth it for most outdoor events

Also, it is highly recommended that you use darker shades of lipstick with simple or subtle remaining makeup. While it is more recommended for those with warm undertones, definitely those with cool undertones can pull this off.

  • Bright lipstick - Usually in pink, orange, or rosy red shades, they are often easier to apply. Use this when you want to go with classic style, as it is best suited for many occasions. There are also plenty more options for women with cooler undertones, but other undertones are much welcome to join the mix.

  • Nude lipstick - Ever heard of the phrase “my lips, but better”? Those are thanks to nude lipsticks, which are natural-looking and can smoothly match your bare lips, but with a wee bit of polish. Use this type when you want to highlight your eyes or the rest of your makeup, or want attention drawn to your fab outfit.

To do this, it’s best to stick with whatever complements your undertone. Beige or cool colors will look natural for those with cool undertones, while gold or brown are perfect for warmer tones. Just make sure not to completely/perfectly resemble your lips’ color, or it will only look pale or faded.

Coordinate with your outfit

a woman swatching the right lipstick for her outfit

And finally, to fully decide on a lipstick color and finish, consider what you’re going to wear. Here are a few suggestions of styles to consider when it comes to coordinating your fab lips with your fab ‘fit.

Formal and/or modest

During formal occasions, or when you’re trying to pull off some modest look, your lipstick should be subtle and simple. So for this style, we recommend going for a nude lipstick, especially for clothes that are already bright or bold. Try to make your lips look glossy with a finish, just enough not to make it appear washed out.

Bold and red

You’ve seen it many times, the classic yet glamorous red lips/red dress look. And it’s still as elegant as ever, a staple among celebrities during red carpet walks. Opt for this for moments you want to be in the spotlight, or if you feel going bold. Although, if you want your flattering lips to stand out so that it matches your outfit, make sure the rest of the makeup is subtle and complementary.

Pure and white

On the other hand, white symbolizes purity, and many might prefer pale, or even nude, tint of lipsticks. Pink is the color at the top of our minds. But if you want stark contrast, a vibrant or bold red can perfectly suit a pure white dress.

Bright and cheery

A bright outfit deserves brighter colors and they invoke positivity and enthusiasm. Sunny yellow is complemented best by bold reds or pinks. A bright or hot pink outfit will also look best with brown or hazel shades.

Dark outfit

If you opt for darker clothes, such as a black overall outfit, then they can easily be paired with most lipstick shades! Being a classic color, whether you go vibrant or dark shades on your lips, they will all look smooth and flawless. 


Take this simple guide with you and choosing a lipstick shade does not sound so overwhelming now, does it? With a little trial and error, we’re sure you can find the dazzling shade that effortlessly highlights your own natural beauty and elevates your fashion style.
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