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Fashion Rules: Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever thrown on a set of clothes and just didn’t feel it? Times like these, you want your best friend around to tell you if what you’re wearing is hot or not. Unfortunately, she’s not. Don’t fret. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks that you can remember when you feel stuck in your fashion choices. These are not necessarily the end all be all fashion do’s and don'ts. Rather, these are things we think you should consider knowing and practicing everyday to find your style inspiration.


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4 Do’s in Building Your Wardrobe

If It Makes You Feel Good, Keep It

Before buying any piece of clothing, you typically want to fit it first. Make sure that the size is just right for you. Not too tight and not too loose. Accept that you may need to size up in other brands too. Then take a look in the fitting room mirror. Does it make you feel great? If you answered yes, go take that gem to the checkout counter and into your closet.

Have a Collection of Closet Essentials

Every woman needs her closet essentials. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to start creating your capsule wardrobe. The basics and neutrals are your best friends. You can mix and match them up so easily. Layering wouldn’t be a problem too since everything goes together perfectly. 


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Once in a while, be a little daring and step out of your comfort zone. You may be a little self conscious but that’s okay. Think of it as an upgrade or a way of testing the waters to find your perfect fit. You need to try things out to know if it would really look good on you or not. 

Highlight Your Personal Style with a Statement Piece

This is the best time to accessorize. For those monochromatic days, a shiny piece of jewelry can make you look more polished and put together. Don’t be limited with jewelry. Oftentimes, matching your favorite black dress with a statement belt can do the trick.


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4 Don’ts in Building Your Wardrobe

Don’t Go Overboard 

When we say overboard, we mean, don’t pile on too many trends in one go. If you want to highlight your brand new jacket, then highlight just the jacket. Avoid using other bright pieces that may look distracting. Wearing something overdone doesn’t make you fashionable. Focus on just one thing at a time. 


Don't Forget about Being Modest

A little covering goes a long way does not apply here. Be careful with your fashion choices. Dressing provocatively may send the wrong message. Unless it’s summer again and you’re at the beach, wear modest clothing as much as possible. 


Don’t Buy Impractical Pieces because It’s the Trend

You’re on your favorite clothing app and you notice a trend. You’re tempted to buy it. But wait! Just because it looks good on the model doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Ask yourself, “Can I actually wear this? Is there a practical time and place to wear it?” If you answered “no” on any of those questions, then best be safe and look for clothes you’ll actually use often.


Don’t Keep Cheap Looking Clothes

There are certain characteristics in clothing that may make you look cheap. Material, cartoon character prints, droopy buttons and ill-fitting clothes can ruin your look. Remember, your goal is to look polished and put together. The simpler and more elegant the clothes are, the better. 


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We hope this list of fashion do’s and don’ts becomes your helpful guide. Go rock that outfit like the confident lady that you are. Build your timeless wardrobe (for the most part) and sprinkle in your own personality. And if you need any further guidance, tune in to the Modernly Modest blog. We got you covered. 

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