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Five Ways to Save Money for Modest Clothing

Don’t we just love to look charming and sassy with the cheapest finds? It’s every woman’s dream to dress her style and enter the room with sheer confidence. Yet, the classic catch has always been finding affordable modest clothing pieces. It is often difficult to dress fabulously and feminine while sticking to a tight budget.

Dear ladies, you’re not alone in this dilemma! Here are some budgeting hacks to help you achieve your fashion fantasies and buy modest clothes for less.


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How to budget for clothes

Want to look simply chic and spend less money while dressing modestly?


1. Identify Your Style

For starters, you need to know the clothes that work well for your body type. This helps you save more for your clothing expenditures. Admit it or not, women have the habit of shopping for the latest trends without identifying the fabrics and styles that suit their body shape. These outfits that don’t flatter your physique are not practical buys, no matter how cheap they may be.

When shopping for modest clothing, consider your personal brand as well— whether you look and feel great on stripes, florals, blacks, pastels, and the list goes on.


2. Invest on Flexible Wardrobe Staples

Another trick on how to budget for good clothes is actually investing in versatile wardrobe pieces. These are basic clothing pieces that you can combine well to a wide selection of other closet staples. As opposed to one-use or single-use clothes, these can be worn in various contexts and are good for intrinsic styling. These are either opened, closed, or half-closed (i.e., vests, buttoned or zipped shirts and blouses) or tucked in or worn outside (e.g., loose tops and shirts, vests).

More so, you can choose articles of clothing that you can layer on top or underneath like collared shirts beneath sweaters, turtlenecks underneath a dress, etc.

3. Don't Compromise Quality

Have you ever experienced buying super cheap clothes that didn't last long? Invest in basic clothing pieces from good manufacturers. The fabrics from these top-tier brands can hold up years longer than those with cheap and light materials. 

You can try glamming up in whatever season with a versatile dress in good quality like a floral A-line dress that never goes out of style! You can wear this classy wardrobe for winter, spring, summer, or fall!

4. Shop On Sale

Pre-loved items on garage sales are great money-savers! Some good finds include neutral pants, sweaters, skirts, and shirts for casual wear and work-from-home arrangements (if you’re lucky, you might spot some rare treasures for important occasions, too). These are closet essentials you can wear all year round! Sure enough, you’ll have a whole bunch of selections to get affordable modest clothing.

Thrift stores are just around the corner, gals! And don’t be hesitant to ask for discounts. You just ought to be careful and meticulous in checking the clothes you’re buying before bringing ‘em home.

5. Don’t Deprive Yourself 

This may be a paradigm shift kind of tip but if you love that preppy ribbon skirt so much, go buy it! In the end, buying ultra-cheap clothes that you don’t even feel like wearing is not a practical move at all. Pamper yourself with that dress you’ve been eying for so long. Do not be too anxious on how to budget for clothes. This also helps you avoid overspending after being satisfied with that dreamy dress you so love instead of buying several cheap finds.

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As much as the idea of buying modest clothes for less sounds great, the heart of true fashion is the satisfaction you get when you wear something that shows who you really are inside.

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