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Wardrobe Diaries: A Woman’s Guide for Finding the Right Dress

The Art of Dressing Up

We heard you. You’re totally confused on what dress to wear on your casual date nights, work shifts, weekend hangouts, on homecoming night, and on simply heading off towards the grocery store. Whether you admit it or not, what you wear is reflective of your personality. How you will be approached or mingled with sometimes depends on the vibe of your outfit.

While it is important not to appear overdressed or underdressed, you can never go wrong if you sport your dress with modesty. Would you rather slay in your sassy short dress, or would you go sophisticated with a midi dress?


The Right Dress for the Right Occasion


Mini Dress

woman wearing a mini dress and holding balloons

This is for the women who are confident about their legs, complexion and style, and are not for the shy types or the faint-hearted. This goes without saying that sporting this article of clothing is a little tricky. It is often hard to wear a short dress modestly.

Mini dresses are flattering and versatile while trying to make you more attractive and sexier. When the sun’s out, a mini dress saves you from the heat of the summer. On colder days, you can pair it with leggings, denim, or a coat.

Friendly tip: If you’re set to go partying with the gals, don’t forget to bring a coat, jacket, or shawl. You’d better look out for wardrobe malfunctions! Plus, wearing boy shorts or cycling shorts can be handy when wearing short dresses.


Maxi Dress

Maxi dress with long sleeves in green

Classic, flattering, low-maintenance and versatile. Without a doubt, maxi dresses top the list of the most comfy and feminine dresses to wear. It gives you an all-day-PJ kind of experience while looking princessy and classy. You can wear one when going to church, work, dinner dates, weddings, dental appointments, you name them!

Maxi dresses are definitely a must-have in a woman’s closet. These are also part of the classic starter pack for weekend beach trips if you want to achieve that Instagram-worthy photo. No worries, girl, these are not prone to wardrobe malfunctions and embarrassing moments unlike the other types of dresses.


Midi Dress                 

A fashionable lady wearing a green midi dress.

You don’t like it too long, nor do you like it too short. Midi dresses are a go-to if you want to appear modest and feminine. You can be both stylish and comfortable with a midi dress. A midi dress can be at least two inches below the knees to below-the-calves long (so that a few inches of ankle show). When you have less than an hour left and can’t find the right dress for an occasion, never hesitate to pick a midi.

This piece of clothing lets you breathe, eat, and move at work without having to be anxious about how your belly, booty and thighs look. Further, this highlights your neckline and collarbones.

Fashion hack: If you want some extra flash of legs, you can choose to stun the crowd in your midi with a slit. Meanwhile, wearing a midi with pleats makes you look extra clever and modest.


Bodycon Dress

model wearing a black bodycon dress

Designed to literally hug your body and short for “body-conscious” or “body-confidence”, these dresses were a 1990s classic hit handed down to today’s era. These are tight-fitting dresses that show off a woman’s figure and can be worn on almost every occasion– yes even on prom night!

Bodycon dresses are a show-stopper and extremely flattering for women without trying hard to silhouette one’s body shape. There are different ways to wear bodycon dresses modestly – these can be partnered with a belt and high boots, a denim jacket and sneakers, a blazer and heels, a long trench coat, and the list goes on.

T-shirt Dress

asian youth wearing a red tshirt dress

Try to picture this: It’s a weekend grind for chores and you’re heading to the pet store. You’re not in the mood to wear a shirt and jeans. Here’s the deal for you. Today’s new wardrobe essential and women’s BFF are T-shirt dresses, providing comfort and style wherever, whenever!

Usually loose and oversized, shirt dresses are casual and ideal for just buying your skincare stuff, picking your laundry, backyard BBQs and running some errands. These dresses look fabulous on just about every gal, especially if you match ‘em with a choker and some sneakers or boots. T-shirt dresses give off an extra cool vibe while allowing you to be less conscious of your belly and booty.


Denim Dress

a cheerful woman on a denim dress

Another weekend go-to in the closet staples are denim dresses. These never go out of style! These are for lovers of jeans but don’t want their legs all covered. Just like T-Shirt dresses, these denim dresses are perfect for casual catch ups, window-shopping, going to movie theaters, running errands, etc. They make you feel sporty, secured and all wrapped up just right!

Fashion prompt: Fab and casual, a denim dress can be worn in any season, well, except for summer. 



off-shoulder summer dress

Designed for clear skies and for the hot weather, a sundress should be light and breathable. Off-the-shoulder dresses are a trendsetter and give off a splash of feminine vibes. If you want to look cheery, charming, and fab altogether, a sundress is the perfect find! Moreover, it helps you achieve that romantic and relaxed look (yes, like the leading ladies in movies!).

But who says sundresses are only good for summer and spring? Flexible enough to bring out the chic in you, you can match these with denim jackets, classic white sneakers, tan sandals, and darker bags when the season gets colder in spring. In winter, however, you need extra wraps of long coats to get through the season’s waltzing snowflakes.



Whatever the occasion is, finding the perfect dress shouldn’t be a real grind if you know yourself well. If you’re familiar with your level of confidence and personality, you can sport any outfit effortlessly and with modesty.

Preppy reminder: Always wear your heart inside your sleeves!


An orange maxi dress with long sleeves perfect for Fall


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