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How to Take Amazing Outfit Photos

A good photo can go a long way in showing off your personal style, but an amazing photo can really bring out your hidden aesthetic appeal and may even attract more than just a few people. 

If you’re looking to learn great ways on how to take outfit photos but aren’t sure how to go about it, then this guide is perfect for you. We're here to provide the best tips and tricks to help you create your own captivating outfit photos.

Types of Outfit Photos 

There are 4 types of styles in professional outfit photography. These are:

  • High Fashion Photography
  • Street Fashion Photography
  • Catalog Fashion Photography
  • Editorial Fashion Photography

The difference between each style depends on the subject,  the setting, and the purpose of the photo. Whether it be an extravagant display of high Fashion, popular streetwear, an array of outfits in a catalog, or a visual narrative in an editorial fashion photo. All of these have aspects that we can learn from.

Professional fashion photographers are able to capture the essence of style in a single-player picture. 

Now, we may not all be fashion photography experts but it is definitely possible to learn from the techniques used by professionals to create a stunning outfit photo.

Here are the best tips on how to take outfit photos that will make your aesthetic outfits shine.

How to Take Outfit Photos

proper lighting for photography

Find the Right Lighting 

This is the first and arguably most crucial tip when taking outfit photos. No matter how good you look, the lighting on you and of your surroundings will make or break your photo.

Knowing how important lighting is, you should take your time to find the best possible lighting. It does help to have your own lighting device or tool, but you don't need to make that much investment to take great photos. Natural lighting works great, and in most cases, even better than artificial lights.

Play around with the shadows created from different light sources to make your aesthetic outfits stand out even more.

The process of finding the right lighting and shadow reflection does take some time and practice but it pays off in a huge way, by enhancing the look of your aesthetic outfits and creating a truly beautiful photo.


Look For Great Backdrops

You, along with your aesthetic outfits, are the subjects of your outfit photo. And with any good photo, the subjects must be well highlighted by their surroundings. This is why having a fitting backdrop is so important. The backdrop of your photo allows people to sense an immersive feeling in the environment of the photo.

Finding a good backdrop isn't hard to do. Literally, any space anywhere has some potential to be your backdrop. A plain white wall, for example, is a simple and classic background to really embolden you in the photo. And yes, sometimes a simple, minimalist setting is the best option for your outfit.

Another great idea is to walk around town and see the different spaces you could use. There is no limit to the potential for great backdrops, so don't be afraid to get out there.

Be creative with the image you want people to see, dress your best and test out your aesthetic outfits with different backdrops. And don't forget to enjoy the process.


Make Use of Props

a woman taking an outfit photo with a camera

Props are a great way to brighten up your outfit photos and add some personality to your image. 

Props help people see the story within a photo. Using props in combination with certain backdrops can greatly boost the visual appeal and impact your photos have on people.

You're free to use any props you want to best express yourself. Maybe you'd like to use a bouquet of flowers to complement your floral aesthetic outfits or pose with a notebook and pen in hand to show your intellectual appeal, it can even be something as random as a shot of you posing with a basketball while wearing a dress, a very powerful contrast to show off your feminine beauty and your passion for sports. 

Just remember to dress your best in your favorite outfits to have fun with whatever props you want.


Smile and Strike a Pose

As you probably already figured out, It's not enough to just dress your best for an outfit photo,  there is much more work that can be put into it. 

"Smile and say cheese" is something we always say when taking pictures and it's true that a good natural smile defines a photogenic person. But not everyone has a natural killer smile. Smiling is actually a skill, and not just that but making the best facial expressions take effort.

This means that anyone can learn to make a great smile with enough effort.

The same goes for making a pose. Try practicing different poses in the mirror and take a picture of your favorite one that shows off your personality.


Style Your Outfit Multiple Ways

Having a variety of different outfit choices is great but changing outfits for a photo can give off a completely different image.

A great option is to style the same outfit in different ways. If you simply add on a few more stylish pieces and accessories, it can really bring out more to your look than the outfit on its own. 

You can also do the opposite and dress down your outfit for a simpler and more elegant image. 

Be creative when you dress your best for an outfit photo. You don't need tons of clothes to show your personal style.


Be Open to New Styles

a lady trying out a new outfit style

You could say that for most people, the hardest hurdle to overcome is your own comfort zone. 

In fashion, this means finding the confidence to try out completely new and unfamiliar styles from those that you are used to.

Being open to new fashion styles opens up more potential for creative and diverse outfit photos. You may even find a greater appreciation for the art of fashion through the unique characteristics of different styles.

Quick Summary 

This is a simple roundup of the most important tips on how to take outfit photos that will look amazing every time.

Remember to:

  1. Find the right lighting
  2. Use creative backdrops
  3. Make use of props
  4. Practice smiling and posing
  5. Style your outfit in different ways
  6. Try new and different fashion styles

Keep in mind these tips and you're sure to amaze everyone with your outfit photo skills and stunning image.

Photos have the power to tell a story and allow people to visualize abstract concepts. Dress your best to combine fashion and photography to create a truly powerful form of art. With all this in mind, you too can take stunning outfit photos yourself.

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