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How to Take Care of Your Clothes

We all have favorite outfits that we love to wear for different occasions, but we also know that eventually, our clothes will wear off. To keep your clothes longer, you need to know the right ways to take care of them. Here are the 5 best ways to take care of your clothes and maximize the lifespan of your favorite outfits. But first...


Why You Should Care for Your Clothes 

The importance of taking care of your clothes is both personal and practical. Not only would we want our favorite outfits to last as long as possible, but we have to take care of all our clothes so we could get the most use out of them. Clothing care makes them longer lasting which also means saving money when you’re budgeting on outfits. You might be surprised how long your outfits can last when they’re properly cared for.

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Clothes

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Here, we will cover the best ways to keep your clothes longer. We understand that many different materials have to be taken care of in different ways. These tips are here to help you be more aware of fabric care and be able to handle generally any type of clothing.


1. Pay Attention to Care Labels 

This is a crucial step and the first thing you should do when you buy new clothes. Fabric care means reading labels and knowing what kind of fabric your clothes are made of so you can care for them in a way that doesn't destroy the material. You don't have to worry though, you can usually find instructions to handle the clothing inside the garment. 


2. Separate Your Laundry 

You've probably heard this one before but it really is an important tip to know. Separating your bright-colored clothes from dark-colored ones is a must to avoid color stains from bleeding and fading. Avoid mixing laundry. For example, mixing your crisp white top with other colors like black might just make it a grey one. 


3. Wash Your Clothes Less

This might sound strange to some but washing your clothes too much is a bad thing. Excessive washing can lead to damaged material, loss of color, and deteriorating fabric. I suggest only washing your clothes when they have a visible stain or if it starts to smell, otherwise don't be afraid to use the same shirt if you've only used it once. 


4. Hang Dry Instead of Dryer

Hang drying your clothes in the sunlight is a better option than using a dryer for a number of reasons. The heat from traditional dryers can damage some fine fabrics and cause them to change shape and lose the right fit. Hang drying is also better for the environment and saves you power. Using a dryer may have its benefits like saving you time and space but overall, you should consider hanging your clothes and letting them air dry instead.


5. Store Your Clothes in the Right Places

This is a simple tip but one that most people overlook. Having an orderly closet is a major part of clothing care. A neat and spacious wardrobe allows you to view all your options at a glance. Make sure to have a hanger rack or rod that fits well in your room. I also suggest only hanging clothes you need ahead of time like your stylish blazers and dresses to avoid creases and keep all the rest in designated drawers. This will give your wardrobe a look that’s easy on the eyes,  and allow you to easily access any outfit you need.


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To sum everything up, the best ways to take care of your clothes are to pay attention to care labels and follow instructions for specific materials, properly sort out your laundry, and wash your clothes only when necessary to reduce wearing them down. Choose to hang dry your clothes over using a dryer to avoid damages and save on resources. And always keep your clothes neatly in their right place to make choosing your best outfits as easy as it could be.

Found new ways to care for your clothes? Share with us your clothing care tips and secrets.

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