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Must-try Maxi Dresses Style Ideas for a Fabulous Look

Whether you want to attend a family dinner or stroll around during the summer days, we gotta say that you can never go wrong with maxi dresses. These floor-length skirts are classic, comfy, fashionable, not to say the least, and very lovely to wear for most occasions in literally any season.

Yes, maxi dresses may be one of the easiest to pull off, but given their versatility, there are many style ideas that you can try to up your chicness. With several simple bibbidy-bobbidy-boos, you can transform a simple maxi dress into maximum fabness. No fairy godmothers required.

Maxi dresses and versatility

A woman wearing a maxi dress in the sand dunes

Due to the need for comfort and flexibility without sacrificing style, maxi dresses have become a trendsetter once again in recent years. Because of the maxi dresses’ adaptability in most events, women are relying more and more on these classic long skirts to be their go-to wear.

And more than being timeless, maxi dresses are also all about variety. Known for its long skirt that almost reaches the floor, the rest of the dress can be customized and stylized with almost endless fashion possibilities. Do you want long-sleeved or strapless? Do you prefer modest clothing or something a little bolder? Will you use them as daywear or for an evening event? For sunny weather or for the cold months of winter? All these and in between, maxis have got you covered, and more if you’re up for mixing and matching.

Speaking of which, continue reading for a few ideas that you’re definitely gonna love to try while sporting maxi dresses. No matter what style you’re up to, these recommendations will make dressing up for any event less overwhelming.

Ideas to style up your maxi dresses

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Go classic daywear

While maxi dresses can also be worn as evening wear, they are most popular as daywear. If you’re having trouble finding the right outfit for the day, maxis won’t let you down, especially when worn in warm, happy colors like yellow. If you want to experiment often, you may opt for those with plain prints or common patterns for more mix-and-matchable choices.

Or… for night dates

As we’ve said, maxi dresses are about adaptability and are now fashionable even as evening wear. A little bit of tweaking on the makeup, add some shiny lipstick, some pointy shoes, or embellished heels--and voila, you’re now rocking some elegance for a date night. Whether you go floral prints or classic black, no doubt about standing out, even during the evening. But if it gets cooler, you would not worry about bringing something to layer it with to ruin your style.

Layer it up

From winter to fall, you can always rely on maxi dresses not to go out of trend. And adapting to the changes in season means you can put on a variety of layers on top of your maxi outfit.

But beyond that, putting contrast to your outfit makes you stand out even more. We’re thinking of matching a printed maxi by wearing a denim or leather jacket, they make a great pair with the added bonus of being unexpected and making a statement. If your maxi dresses have plain prints, a solid blazer will not only add personality but also increase the gorgeous level by much.

On the other hand, you can also try a good ol’ cardigan with plain maxi dresses for a simple but classic style. Some sneakers and a cap, and you are all set to be groovy and snazzy.

Sneaky sneakers

You might not think that long dresses, such as this one, and sports shoes do not go well together. But with maxi dresses, you don’t have to force yourself into those unpleasant heels all the time. While flats or sandals are the most obvious options, sneakers bring additional comfort while maintaining classic street style wear. Flaunting a neutral-colored maxi dress will match nicely with white or dark sneakers for a simple yet extra casual look.

Get boots

There are maxi dresses with slits around the front of the dress. These are perfect to match with knee-high boots, preferably brown or something to contrast your skirts’ color. Or if it doesn’t have a slit, a pair of nice ankle boots will also work well.

Summery breeze

Maxi dresses are a staple as summer wear since it provides the right comfort for the weather without giving up on some fashion sense. For some sunny stroll, most women prefer the lightweight, strapless version consisting of unique patterns. Sandals with earthly tones are the go-to options, especially for a day walking/relaxing at the beach. You can top it off with a nice, huge beach hat, layer it by wearing a shawl preferably transparent, and then pop a rocking, dark pair of sunglasses. You’re definitely ready to roll under the sunshine.

Accessories galore

Further elevate your maxi style with some right accessorizing. For daywear maxis, you can keep it simple with a plain bracelet or a nice necklace. No need to amp up the bling, as you’d want to be more flexible during the daytime, especially when going to school/work or running some errands. Belts to contrast are also great additions, having a slight twist to an otherwise continuous long dress.

But for night events, especially at important parties or dinners, some dazzling jewelry can take you further. Put on a sparkly necklace paired with a pearl earring, with high-heels, a glam handbag, and you’re definitely a part of the night to remember.

Variety of choices

This is more like a wardrobe decision rather than a one-time fashion style. If you intend to collect several maxi pieces, we highly (and enthusiastically) recommend you to opt for varying maxi styles. Having a wider range of options will let you see the full potential of these lengthy dresses and their versatility. Especially true during moments when time in deciding on an outfit is not much of a luxury.

There are maxis with front slits, perfect for evening dates. Strapless or sleeveless ones with lightweight fabrics are your best bets during the hot weather. There are slim skirts that are loved during office work. While asymmetrical maxi dresses, with one side of the dresses shorter than the other, will let you bring out the ultimate fashion chic in you.


Now that you’ve seen how maxi dresses are adaptable and versatile, we’re very excited to see what you make of them. Remember that they are about comfort and style, mashed together. No matter the season or time of the day, you know that you can always transform a maxi outfit into a gorgeous dress, and the only magic wand you need is your own creativity.

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