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Taking your loungewear look to the next level

While we were mostly trapped in our houses when the pandemic happened, we may have skipped on a lot of our favorite outdoor clothes from our wardrobe. We’ve also grown accustomed to comfy PJs and slippers, spending the majority of our time away from sunlight.

But now that we’re going out again, we don’t necessarily have to give up that comfort while still making a fashion statement. So what falls in between sleek jeans and dull home clothes? How about some loungewear, a fashion style that creatively transforms your regular outfit?

Loungewear, when done right, is your best option when it comes to casual or leisure clothing on many, many occasions. It’s outdoor wear that is designed to keep the cozy indoor feel. Not only are they very simple to put together, but they are also quite the rage these days, thanks to months of quarantine last year.

However, dressing up easy doesn't mean dressing sloppily. You want to still give off the impression that even though you want to feel comfy and exude some effortless vibe, you can still sport a chic look. Hence we put together this mini-guide to help you get acquainted with the lowdown on loungewear 101.

Your guide to stylish loungewear

To get started on this loungewear biz, here are our top fashion choices you should try out for both a fab and casual look. Mix and match several items to your heart’s content, and get creative with these basic tips! We’re excited about what you can make of them.


Color coordination

Color-coordinated matching loungewear

If you browse loungewear collections in stores and online shops, you’d see that many of the tops and bottoms are matching or color-coordinated. We can say that one of the ultimate expressions of loungewear is to choose coordinated or matching shirts and pants, inspired by night PJs.

So if you can opt for a monochromatic outfit as much as possible, we highly recommend it. We prefer gray-ish monotones or anything with lighter palettes, such as cream or light pink. Similar shades are safer bets as they’re easier for the eyes. While you’re at it, you may opt for contrasting patterns to balance the even tone, say, a plain top with a checked bottom.


Slip-on slip-on footwear

While you’d think that athletic/rubber shoes are the way to go, we can do better with slip-on sandals/slippers. We wear slippers in the house, and you can’t deny that you want to take them outdoors. Not only are they easier to “slip” on, these open shoes or slippers/sandals give the casual, effortless vibe that no other footwear can. Plus they can be paired with many loungewear styles of your choosing, and the credit goes to our months of not being able to step outdoors. Heels or flats, either pair that you prefer will surely be a great choice.


Props for cozy tops

These are definitely one of the main fashion picks on the list of must-have loungewear items. Your regular tees scream casual but plain, however, cropping your shirt makes it more fashionable. The good news is that you can DIY your cropped tops so that it is personalized to you. There are tons of YouTube videos you can find for customizing your shirts, varying on the ways you can cut your tees.

On the other hand, tank tops come a close second, as they are easily paired with most types of bottoms, such as sweatpants or shorts. Be sure to choose basic or neutral colors such as white, to increase your combination chances when mixing and matching with other stuff from your wardrobe. We’d also go with plain prints on tanks so that you can add a patterned layer if you want to.


The hoodie club

Throwing in a hoodie is a homie’s best resort on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Even outdoors, it’s a vibe you can pull off by simply adding a twist. What if you try to imitate your hoodie by using a simple blazer, but keep the sweatpants on? Also, keep in mind that jogger pants and leggings are the most common bottoms for lounging in. Or pair that comfy sweater or hoodie of yours with similarly-toned biker shorts.


Keep your bling on

Loungewear accessories and sandals

Elevating that loungey look also means knowing what accessories to complement your clothes on. Just the right pair of sunglasses and a sun hat can transform a simple summer outfit into fabulous beach gal wear. Or your scarf with cute prints when it’s freezing.

Simple pieces of jewelry can also elevate your elegant casual look, but it’s important to bear in mind not to overdo them. A single-piece but elegant bracelet or a sentimental necklace are good enough to pop out without being too distracting. Remember that these beings are only there as add-ons, they shouldn’t take away the focus on your overall outfit. Besides, too much bling does not sound so loungey, does it?


Take some nap dresses

We are definitely in love with one of the latest fashion trends to have emerged during the pandemic--nap dresses. They are basically lovely dresses that are commonly fitted around the area above the waist, while under, the rest is a loose-fitting garment, which is reminiscent of lady’s clothes in earlier centuries.

Nap dresses are inspired by house dresses and are trademarked by Hill House, a lifestyle and fashion brand. Nap dresses may come in plain color or in traditional dress prints, like floral. But the signature details that make them gorgeous include the puffy shoulder sleeves and the free-flowing long skirt, perfect as daily wear or for, yup, a literal nap time.


Knitted tops and bottoms

Recent runways have suggested the rise of knitted wear in a lot of fashion choices for women, from evening dresses to something casual. Loungewear fashion is one of the best applications of this, one obviously being the sweater. But it’s not limited to that. Knitted shorts and tank tops are also great options for some outdoor stroll in breezy or cloudy weather, resulting in an effortless leisure look while providing a lot of comforts.


From gym clothes to night pajamas, we can say with confidence that our at-home outfit can definitely be transformed into an elegant fashion statement. Inspired by our comfy indoor clothes, thanks to loungewear, we can now take that vibe outdoors and anywhere! To get started, pick at least one item from the above list and think of your wardrobe items that remind you most of home.

The rise of loungewear has only been continuously growing even post-pandemic lockdowns and quarantines, not because they are simply comfortable and accessible. It just proves that these “casual” clothes are stylish and chic and that they can remain comfy and classic no matter the occasion wherever you go.

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