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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming "That Girl" in 2022

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Riding the wave of social media influence, the trend “#That Girl” has been widespread with approximately 50,000 hits on various social media platforms. It’s a movement for girls to promote a better lifestyle, take control of their life, find their style and be the ultimate version of themselves. What it takes to be “That Girl” is a 7-Step formula to achieve beauty both inside and out.

7 Steps to be “That Girl”

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1.      Beauty Sleep

You don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. That Girl makes sure she begins her day waking up refreshed from sufficient sleep. Sleep is as vital as having a healthy diet and exercise. In teens, the lack of sleep is proven to have a negative impact on school performance. How many hours is really considered sufficient sleep? For teens, 8.5 hours is needed to function at their best. In adults, 7 - 9 hours is advisable.  It is typical to have irregular sleep patterns during the teen years to adulthood. Despite differences in circadian rhythms, aim for a good solid quality sleep as best as you can. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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2.      Hygiene

When That Girl wakes up in the morning, she has a routine to make sure her hygiene is on point. Take showers, clean up, and don’t forget those nooks and crannies. Moisturize and put on some makeup (minimal or full-on depending on the occasion). Starting with hair care. Most women consider their hair as their crowning glory. So, it is important that your hair and scalp care are maintained properly. 

Over time, we have discovered that common chemicals in commercialized shampoos and conditioners have long-term effects. Read the labels that they do not contain parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde. These chemicals are carcinogenic and may cause hormonal disruption. Daily facial care varies depending on your skin type or if you’re prone to acne. Taking care of your skin doesn’t require a wide array of products unless your dermatologist advises it. Your necessities should be a gentle cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and most essential, sunblock. 

Now, let’s talk about makeup. Easy on the contouring, falsies, and heavy and dark eye shadows. Reserve that for special occasions. When That Girl wants to look good on a daily basis, a little makeup goes a long way.

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3.      Active Lifestyle

When we have been forced to stay at home, sinking into a sedentary lifestyle is almost inevitable. This is the best time to be resourceful and creative. That Girl would create her workout routine, maybe with the help of YouTube videos, and work up a sweat. But weights and mat work aren’t all that there is to look good and take care of your body. It is also about finding activities that you’d enjoy doing to trigger endorphins, your happy hormones. Practicing an active lifestyle goes so much deeper than promoting a better physique.  When we exercise, we release endorphins that reduce the perception of pain. This also means it reduces stress, depression, boosts self-esteem, and improves sleep. Who doesn’t want that?

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4.      Nutrition

If you want to be in your best shape, an active lifestyle alone won’t cut it. You can’t outwork a good diet. Prioritize nutrition and eat right to boost your immune system and at the same time trim off those unwanted fats. To dial in on good nutrition is to have a good balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. 

Let’s face it, most of us want to achieve our weight goals. Don’t be on a perpetual weight loss journey. Have a goal and a deadline. Any weight loss and fat loss journey will require going on a calorie deficit. That means eating less than our daily recommended calories. 

Don’t be easily influenced by trendy diets promoted by social media influencers. And definitely, don’t go overboard cutting calories. Know what body type you belong to and try to adjust your macronutrients accordingly. Having good eating habits should be a lifestyle in itself. There will always be some sinful foods to crave and it is okay to have them in moderation. Nevertheless, your rule of thumb should be, the more whole the food is, the better.

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5.      Take Care of your Soul and Mind 

We’ve talked about taking care of our bodies, now it’s time to focus on mental health. That Girl is aware of how important it is to feed the soul and mind. This is done through reading self-improvement books, meditation, knowing the mindset of manifestation, vision boards, the law of attraction, scripting, all making sure your spiritual health is in check. That Girl wants more out of life and knows that it’s about having a positive mindset and the motivation to go for her goals.

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6.      Prioritize Social Life

That Girl gives time to have fun with her social circle. Sometimes being surrounded by your tribe fulfills the emotional need for belongingness. It can be a day or night out. Dressing up in a cute outfit and going out with the girls. It could be an outdoor adventure, hiking, or enjoying great company while soaking up the beauty of nature. It could even be a night of Netflix, watching a rom-com movie together. Whatever it is, catch up with your besties and ensure you are there for each other.

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7.       Dressing for success

The way we dress is an extension of who we are. That Girl knows how to find her style. She knows how and when to follow trends. Know how to find your style by being comfortable with clothes that make you feel good and boost your confidence.


Food for thought.

The “That Girl” trend started out with all good intentions. It was a guide to help girls take control of their lives to become the best version of themselves. In reality, some can view it as perfectionism or toxic productivity. Girls already feel the pressure of always trying to look good and proving it on social media. Although, following the lifestyle of That Girl may be ideal, once in a while know that it is okay to be yourself. It’s okay not to stick to the routine and be spontaneous. If you want to kick up your heels and be a couch potato for a few hours while indulging in your favorite sugary or savory craving, go for it! Don’t be too hard on yourself on being perfect because no one is.  Sometimes becoming the best version of ourselves means stepping out of the box and finding joy in the things that make us tick.

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