The Ultimate Guide to Finding your Style 

The Ultimate Guide to Finding your Style 


When it comes to fashion, feeling great is just as important as looking great, that's why the best outfit for you is one that speaks your personal style. Whether you enjoy casual and chic, stylish and sexy, prefer a modest look, or like any style archetype, there are no limits to the possibilities of outfit choices. 

At times though, this can get a bit overwhelming, you may even feel a bit intimidated by all the fashion guides, trends, and suggestions you see on social media and in magazines. But you don’t have to stress over it. We’re here to help guide you on your journey of finding your personal style.

To figure out what fashion style suits you best, we first have to understand what personal style means and why it’s important. 

The Meaning of Personal Style

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Fashion is art, there is no simpler way of putting it, and what you wear is a way of expression, you have the freedom to decide what look you want. The best outfits are ones that make you say “this is something I would definitely wear.” Fashion has infinite potential and knowing that there’s a style for everyone and everything allows you to enjoy wearing the best outfits for any occasion. 

5 Ways to Find the Perfect Style for You

If you don’t have an idea of what your style is, don’t panic, here are 5 ways of finding your perfect style.

Be Yourself Through Fashion

There really isn’t anything more important to your style than your personality. I believe fashion is a powerful form of self-expression. The kind of person you are can be seen through your outfit choices. The clothes you wear compliment who you are so stick with something you would wear. Still, many people may feel insecure about their appearance. We all wish we could look like runway models or have the ideal body, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from expressing your style. 

You’ve got potential, be confident in your look and the rest will follow. There are no rules to fashion so being yourself is the best thing to do.

Find Out What Clothes You Own

Modest Clothing collection

A great way to figure out what style you have is to go over all the clothes you already own. It is a good idea to compare all your outfits to find out what kind of style archetype you naturally gravitate towards.

If your wardrobe is filled with colorful clothes, bright dresses, and a variety of accessories, you might enjoy the artsy style. An unconventional approach to fashion that expresses emotion through bright, vivid colors and a mix of different clothing pieces.  


You could own a lot of blouses, floral dresses, or light-colored skirts. If you do, then feminine style is for you. Just as the name suggests, feminine style embodies distinct feminine traits such as lighter or softer feel, usually seen through pastel colors and floral design. Still, there’s more to the feminine style than this. 

Maybe you have an interest in modest clothing. A modern take on modest fashion which aims to empower and satisfy women all over the world. You may already have outfits that exhibit this kind of style. Less revealing is the defining feature of modest fashion, clothing that doesn’t reveal too much yet still keeps you feeling comfortable and elegant. It changes with the seasons to meet your needs no matter the place. It can be fashionable sweaters in the cooler months and stylish tops for warmer weather, usually accompanied by chic skirts. This is definitely a style worth trying.

Understand Your Environment 

It is important to keep in mind the environment you’re in, the place you are at, or the setting you live in. In other words, you should style yourself with purpose. Knowing that where you are and who you’re with are some things to be mindful of when choosing an outfit. 

As much as we’d like to, we can’t wear our favorite clothes to every occasion. Whether you require formal attire for work, wear casual with friends, or want something extravagant for special events, the key to fashion in any situation is to always incorporate your personality in your outfit.

Find Inspiration

Finding the right inspiration can help you get a clearer idea of what styles you’d like to follow or build off of. You can take inspiration from friends and family, seeing what fashion styles they’re into. You can follow popular fashion influencers on social media or fashion bloggers and vloggers through their websites or watch good fashion content on YouTube. You may find someone whose fashion sense resonates with your personality and imitate their style. There is no shortage of inspiration to help you find your perfect style.

Inspiration for your fashion style can truly be found anywhere.

Experiment Different Styles

If you’ve followed these tips, you’ve probably found some ideas for your personal style. With all that, you can still have fun experimenting with different styles. Don’t be afraid to try out new looks and fall in love with certain fashion trends. Fashion is constantly evolving so it’s a good idea to stay up to date. 

Test out different styles, keep expanding and developing your fashion sense and you’ll soon find your perfect style - one that’s unique to you. 


To put everything together, remember to let your personality flourish above everything else. Gather what clothes you already have and see if there’s a trend you naturally take a liking to. Be mindful of your environment so you can dress appropriately and be able to add your own fashion twist to any situation. Look around and take inspiration from people or things that catch your interest. Create different outfit combinations, explore the endless possibilities that fashion has to offer, and be free to pick what works best. By the end of all this, you should have a good grasp of the style you want to have. 

Keep Your Interest In Fashion

Always remember to have fun and enjoy fashion. Keep positive and have confidence in yourself. This advice applies to anything and certainly does for fashion. 


No matter what style you choose, remember to keep developing it, make yourself look and feel good in your own style.

What style are you interested in? We’d love to hear about your fashion journey. Share with us your personal style to get a chance to be featured on our Instagram page.

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