Wardrobe Overhaul: Fall Fashion Tips and Tricks

Wardrobe Overhaul: Fall Fashion Tips and Tricks

The sunny, sweaty days of summer have finally come to an end. What bliss! Trees are in bursting reds, pumpkin oranges, and golden yellows— the weather’s getting extra cozy. Well, leaf-peeping’s something you shouldn’t miss out on. The foliage has always been romantic and magical. Isn’t fall just the perfect season to dress up and sport those trendy tops, knits, and boots?


Sure enough, updating your wardrobe for the fall ranks number one on your to-do list. Some wardrobe additions won’t hurt if you feel confidently gorgeous on those good finds. Read on and discover how to stun in your fall fashion look with those scarves and sweaters!


Woman wearing a white cardigan for Fall

Wardrobe Update Checklist

Undecided on how to switch your closet for the coming season? Here are some cupboard staples to help you get through your notorious closet problems, give you extra charm and confidence, and upgrade your fall outfits!


Parka Jackets

A parka is a warm and comfy water-resistant coat with a hood ideal for any outdoor wardrobe. This jacket is basically a perfect match for almost every outfit you already own! Since the fall suggests vibrant and warm colors, it is best to go neutral (i.e., army green, black, gray) with your parka so that it matches any color of the outfit underneath it. Not to mention that neutral colors blend well with any outfit, with or without prints on ‘em! Of course, they’re not scary, they’re street-smart, sophisticated, and elegant! They even make a great pair with your office attire.

Though versatile, parka jackets also look best when paired with jeans, pants, or leggings. Parkas are good investments since they’re in style for the fall and winter seasons, and have become these seasons’ wardrobe staples. Without a doubt, you'll never run out of parka jacket outfit ideas in store! 

Trendy Fall Tops

White trendy long sleeve shirts

Women go a little frantic when it comes to tops probably because it’s the first thing right next to your face. Thus, it’s either flattering or the other way around. For fall 2021, saturated hues are a craze! We have magenta, mustard yellow, and pumpkin orange in the lookbooks. However, pastels emerged as an indispensable and unexpected trend this fall season!

A must-try are sweater vests over collared sleeves. The sophistication of this combo never gets old! Since it’s too hot to try it out in summer, now’s the best time to try it on!

No worries, ladies! Whether it’s the pastel or saturated vibes you decide to put on for tops, a nice warm coat that complements your top will keep you wrapped in style.


Stylish Scarves

As the season gradually invites the cold breeze, scarves star the picture. Well, there are different neck-styling tips for women and one is actually wearing a scarf.

A scarf is a piece of clothing worn around the neck for warmth alongside fashion which makes you ready for cold days ahead. It’s a practical item to update your wardrobe with, as you unpack your spring attires and collections. It goes without saying that scarves are a necessity for fall fashion looks. It matches trendy fall tops for women, on almost every occasion. A woman looks more modest and clever when her neck is wrapped with a vogueish scarf.



Fall fashion hack: Unleash the cowgirl in you and slay with the perfect pair of boots!

Another wardrobe essential for leaf-peeping is boots! These lovely pairs are the classic and ideal footwear complement for your coat, sweater, parka, dress, leopard skirt, maxi skirt, and the list goes on and on!

A woman’s attire for fall won’t ever be complete without a pair of boots to warm their sole and ankles! Shop on and explore the perfect boots that match the perfect outfit for fall. From penny boots, lace booties, bean boots, leather boots, and bold knee-high boots, there’s a variety of options to choose from!



Sweater weather has finally arrived. Whether you’re on an indefinite work-from-home arrangement or back at the office, coats are a necessity for wardrobe updates for the fall season. This is a trendy hack that makes you look chic and cozy at the same time.

If you’re looking for good and versatile fall fashion finds, coats should never be out of the picture as you cuddle yourself with a good read. The best jackets aren’t just toppers - they’re statement-makers.

Trendy coats for women are trench coats, quilted coats, wool coats, pieces of cashmere, embroidered cotton coats, and fur overcoats. These are classic pieces that will make you outshine your gals while making you feel gorgeous and modest. But trench coat is definitely still the all-time favorite!


Fashion Hacks for Wardrobe Update

While you already know what to stack on your closet, here are some life hacks for updating wardrobe staples for fall.


1. Know your style.

First off, identify your personal brand. This is at the top of the hierarchy of fashion. No matter how trendy your outfit is, if it doesn’t portray who you are, it won’t make any sense at all.


2. Be creative.

Don’t be afraid to style up. Fall is the perfect season to dazzle and dress up!


3. Invest in some pricey pieces.

Well, you don’t have to throw away those pieces you held for so long. But some dresses aren't perfect for fall anymore. Don’t hesitate to pamper yourself for all the progress you’ve made so far.


4. Switch the glamour button on!

Spice up your outfit by wearing a little extra over those trendy fall tops. Finish off your fall fashion with fancy accessories. Try on hats, handbags, minimalistic pieces of jewelry, gloves, sunglasses, hair bands, hair clips, etc.

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