Must-have Wardrobe Pieces for This Fall Season

Must-have Wardrobe Pieces for This Fall Season

Summer’s almost over in a few weeks and it’s that time of the year to embrace the fall season again. Time to let go of the heat and welcome the chilly weather. But before you head out to grab that pumpkin-flavored latte you’ve been craving for all year long, you might also be thinking of digging into your wardrobe or a store for more season-fitting wear. And it can be a nerve-wracking decision when dressing up for fall, too.

Worry not, time to get cozy because we’ve got you covered on the essential things and some ideas to guide you with your fall fashion choices. You’d see how it is most exciting to stylize your outfit and express yourself during this season.


List of fall wardrobe essentials

Summer is about enjoying the sun with minimal clothing. And fall is your chance to add personality to your outfits as we move to the colder months.

‘Tis the season with much freedom to style what you wear. From caps to boots, there are so many to choose from. And a lot to mix. Then match. But here are the basics to serve as a guide on the fall must-haves.


Layers of blazer

Women wearing fall blazers in gray and green

No one will judge us for wearing different layers of clothing now because it’s blazer season again! If you’re more of a sweater person, we think V-neck types are better if you still want to expose your main garment. The freedom for sweaters is you can pair them up with almost any pants/skirt of your liking.

For blazers or trench coats, monochromatic or neutral colors are all the rage. But if you’re looking for a twist, complement them with a scarf or purse that shows contrast. However, if you insist on richer colors, make sure that the pattern and color will go along with your pants/skirt and boots. You might be surprised that it might not matter how gorgeous the blazer is if it clashes with your other articles of clothing.


Props to long-sleeved tops

Maybe you’re not the type of person who loves to put on layers of clothing, and still wants to be minimal. You’d likely prefer oversized buttoned-down tops with long sleeves. They convey casual and cozy all rolled into one piece of clothing. Even better if it is cotton or flannel. 


Boots, boots, boots

Admit it, one of the topmost exciting reasons to wait for fall is that we can wear boots again! If you’re feeling something new and adventurous, try some patterned, laced boots. Go for those with rubbery soles also. This is ideal for ease of maneuverability while also making a statement when going on outdoor trips or destinations. But if the paradox of choice bothers you, nobody ever goes wrong with a pair of slick, black boots to match with any fall outfit.


Must-have scarves

Another way to add personality to your fall outfit is by sporting a scarf, which is also quite functional. With tons of possible choices, where do we even begin? For us, we will bet on contrast (like we’ve said before). Choose some pattern or color that will complement your main outfit and will allow your scarf to pop. It’s the perfect way to stay cozy and fashionable at the same time. If your goal is to be classy, go for regular or flannel patterns.


Caps and hats

Now let’s move to the cherry on top. Beanie hats, the ultimate fall headwear, are not only popular but also provide warmth and style that no other hats can pull off. Plus you can also make your own hat with the pattern or color of your choosing! Although knitted hats are what we’d pick every now and then if you want something different once in a while, a felt fedora hat can be a great alternative. Soft and simple, it will look good with almost any autumn wear you pick. Some also opt for bucket hats for practicality.


A young lady wearing a maxi dress with sleeves in blue green

We absolutely adore the fall season because it has the most perfect weather that allows the most customization for our fashion style without sacrificing functionality. Provided with the fall essentials listed above, you can go ahead and try to mix and match the must-have fall outfits on your wardrobe, or something you picked up from a store (online or brick-and-mortar).

This season is perfect to express yourself through your outfit. Because fall can be about fashion and function, and we’re falling in love with dressing up.

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