About MDM

Welcome to Modernly Modest!
The modest world is empowering and beautiful... but it is also a challenge. Shopping for modest clothing can be the biggest struggle! And as years passed, it has not gotten any easier to dress modestly, which is why on November 18, 2020-Emily Boru decided to take action and create Modernly Modest. Shopping for modest clothes should be an empowering and satisfying experience, which is what we want to bring to the world. Our brand signifies grace, elegance, empowerment and beauty all in one! Each piece is a symbol of confidence and unique style. We want to help empower women around the world and fulfill their fashion needs!

As our brand continues to grow, we hope to only make our customers happy and satisfied when shopping with us. We do our absolute best to provide amazing customer service, quality, purpose, and style to our wonderful ladies. May your heart & closet always be full with MDM!

Thank you 

Modernly Modest