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The Work-From-Home Wardrobe-For-Me Amidst The Pandemic


All around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced our ways of living (and dressing up). It has reduced– if not fully eliminating– the need to wake up at six and to commute every single day. Admittedly, remote working setup has been a major time (and gas) saver, helping us to be more efficient! Yay!

Some women are currently enjoying Zoom dressing and styling up while attending online meetings, forums, training or conferences. However, there’s a lot of ladies who struggle on how to pull off their perfect work-from-home style using their local wardrobes. What outfit looks flattering for me in front of the camera? Do I need to put on preppy accessories? Is my attire a show-stopper, or will I be the meeting’s wallflower?


Wardrobe Wonderland?

We’ve all definitely felt like Alice as she hopped into a rabbit hole and woke up into a different world. Well, except that the new world isn’t amazing and full of adventure. We slept in a mask-free community and woke up in another where people are required to maintain social distancing and self-isolation.

As the holiday season approaches, the temperature starts to drop bit by bit. Here’s how to dress up in cozy fashion with your comfy work-from-home clothes as you work in the convenience of your room. 

Button-up shirts

a classy woman wearing a white button-up shirt

No more second guessing on whether this will look great on video calls or not! We know you’re drooling over those sophisticated office outfit ideas you used to wear before the pandemic. Well, these are part of the work-from-home wardrobe essentials. You’d look presentable and meeting-ready, and won’t have to feel underdressed on important meetings with the executives. Not to mention that it sets the tone of your temporal workplace and prompts your housemates that you’re in a serious office grind.


Shawls and Blazers

Need to turn the camera on for that Zoom meeting? Look professional and preppy with a shawl or blazer as you work at home. This gives you the cool chic vibe while appearing both casual and clever. A black tweed blazer can save you from stressing yourself out! This works for you whether it’s just a plain tee or a V-neck you’re wearing. What an easy add-on to upgrade your look!

What you wear for your tops is what matters most– don’t stress if you’re sitting in your pajamas all day long! Look professional and slay with trendy tops at the same time.


Sweaters and Knit-wears

smiling woman wearing knit sweater

Once you’ve established your home as your temporary office, sweaters and knit-wears are a closet staple. These can help you go Zoom dressing your work-from-home style for casual training and seminars. It’s a modest and cozy choice. When you’re running out of choices, don’t hesitate to try sporting a striped sweater.


Lash tees

If you’re not expecting any meetings at all, lash tees are comfy wears for your daily grind. If Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype comes ringing on your laptop, well, it’s not a bad thing to wear after all. Casual and plain, but hey, those last-minute calls could have been just emails, right?

Indoor jackets and pullovers

standing woman wearing a blue denim jacket and gray hoodie

It sure is starting to drizzle outside and the warmth of a pullover is all you need to resist the urge to curl under the blanket. Indoor jackets (with or without hoodies) look smart and casual and can help you get through a day of long yawns.


Wide-Leg Track Pants

Yes, no one sees your pants (most of the time). But trying to match your fashionable top with pleasant and versatile bottom wear will give off that office vibe. More so, there are unexpected scenarios when you have to eventually stand (and the green screen fails) for bathroom breaks. Boost your productivity and put those comfy pants on! When you feel like it, slip on a canvas sneaker for that meeting at the cushion.


Puff sleeve tees

smirking woman wearing red puff tee

Need to catch up with your workmates? No worries! Puff sleeve tees got your back! You’d look extra smart and sassy, and would appreciate your outfit during video call selfies. Wow your friends with a gal blouse that fits you just right!


Wrap Dress

Nope, you haven't heard the last of wrap dresses! Some days need a little extra splash of sunshine. Don’t spoil the Zoom dress-up fun. You’re not looking overdressed, you’re just extra feminine and charming! These are perfect for company events so dazzle up in style and glamour!


Trendy Turtle-neck tops

Aside from helping you achieve that Taylor Swift or Anne Hathaway street smart style, turtle neck tops are a classy choice for team meetings. These tops help you look modest and feel cozy at once! Long turtle neck sleeves are a classic! You’d want to wear this when you don’t want to look ultra dressy, nor too comfortable.


Sleeveless Mock Neck Tops

You’re not alone in your dressing up dilemma anymore, we’ve got these amazing pieces of clothing to wrap you in style. When you feel like layering up a blazer or cardigan, a sleeveless mock neck top makes it in the A-List! It helps you achieve an elegant and decent work-from-home style without the bulk of the outfit. Try matching a simple layered necklace to enhance your looks and be extra chic.


Paper bag shorts, pants and skirts

These are a cool match to your preppy tops, as you sit still in front of your laptop. Women feel extra cheery when they wear their fashionable pieces of clothing. These are casual closet  favorites that set out the mood for a great fashion sense. Aren’t high-waisted tie front pants cute? Graphic tees are a perfect match!

The remote working arrangement became the trend for most businesses to thrive. It has definitely changed wardrobes around the world amidst community lockdowns and we don’t know when this will all be over.


a happy working woman wearing business clothes


Whatever it is that you’re wearing, be unapologetically confident in front of the camera. Comfort is the key! The pandemic has been stressful enough. Remember that showing up for work every day is already a huge effort and you’re doing great so far!

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